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About Dr. Valerie Akinwande


Dr. Valerie Akinwande had three unmedicated (natural) vaginal births.  She is personally familiar with the challenges that women face in pregnancy and postpartum.   Mentoring students and professionals are an important part of how she contributes back to the PT profession.  Traveling and spending time with her husband and children are among her favorite things to do,


Dr. Akinwande is the founder of WomansDPT.  She has worked in multiple physical therapy settings for 13 years.  She received a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, a Master of Science in Biology and Biochemistry, and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.  She has experience in providing care related to pelvic floor rehabilitation, acute, inpatient, outpatient, and cardiac rehabilitation.  Dr. Akinwande also taught for several years as a college professor of human anatomy, nutrition, biology, and chemistry.  Dr. Akinwande earned the Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Health from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and the Certificate of Achievement in Obstetrics from the APTA. She is also a certified clinical instructor.

Dr. Valerie Akinwande Speaking about the Pelvic Floor
Dr. Valerie Akinwande physical therapy in Houston
Woman's DPT health speaker. Dr. Valerie Akinwande