First Appointment Expectations

Your First Care Appointment will be convenient and simple.  Your Physical Therapist will ask questions and discuss your care during the appointment.  Below describes how you can prepare for this appointment.

STEP 1 - Book Your Care Appointment and View Other Important Information

(1) Complete the Intake Form (Click Here).  We use the given information to get to know you and co-create an individualized program for you.  (2) Next, Book Your Care Appointment (Click Here)

View the Locations Served (Click Here)

STEP 2 - Prepare For Your First Care Appointment

(1) Dress comfortably: wear loose-fitting/gym clothing.

(2) Write down your questions! If you have concerns, we're here to listen and provide answers. Written questions help us make sure that everything is covered. 

(3) Be prepared for questions from the Physical Therapist and follow-up discussion. 

(4) Relax! We know that receiving care from a new doctor can sometimes be stressful.  We create a positive environment where you feel comfortable.  And we tailor our service to each individual client.  Additionally, your feedback is welcome both during and after the session.